Selected Proceedings from Vu Symposiums is published by  J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah.

Authors retain all copyright to their Work(s)

Vu Symposium Papers

Carey Campbell

“Steps Toward a Theory of Functional Timbre as Applied to Electronic Music”

Joseph Davancens

“Aspects of Human-Computer Interaction in the Composition of Surge::Dart::Drift”

Robert Jędrzejewski

“MUSIC IN A NEW KEY: Composer/Improvisor/Performer”

Hannah C.J. McLaughlin

“The Electro-Acoustic Performance: An Analysis of Pauline Oliveros’s EIS Performances through Primus Luta’s Electronic Analysis Methods”

Vu Symposium Audio
Clay Chaplin    Old Raney

Ron Coulter     Dark True Center
                        Meditation on Living
                          System No. 1

Nathan Hererra & Kevin Farrell    Charity Valley

Robert Jędrzejewski      Improvisation

Amy Knoles     9:8:7:5:4:3:1

Chris Mandel     Siren Melody Generator

Jacob Rosenzweig     Janus

Pedro Vasquez    Electro-Cusco

Vu Symposium Video
Daniel Corral     Diamond Pulses

Emily Hay & Steuart Liebig    Improvisations

Benjamin Safran       PRT

Devin Maxwell        Closing Statement

Vu2 Audio
Michele Abondano      A la inequívoca memoria de mi piel   (2016)

Darija Andovska     LIQUID-CRYSTAL   (2015)

Clarence Barlow     Approximating Pi   (2007)

G. Douglass Barrett     What is the sound of one flag burning?   (2017)

Jason Bolte     Swish-Swoosh   (2014)

Nicholas Cline     Homage to La Monte Young    (2011)

Daniel Corral     For Chuck Berry    (2017)

Ron Coulter     Mashville Nbira    (2017)

Nomi Epstein     Slow    (2016)

Bryan Eubanks     Object (1st permanent version)    (2017)

Carlotta Ferrari     La Vie en Bleu    (2014)

Robert Fleisher     Loretto Alfresco    (1970)

Michael Gogins     Three Trees

Brian Harnetty     Could I Tell You A Little Story About That?   (2015)

Sarah Hennies        Knees     (2012)

Cat Hope          Feather       (2015)

Bonnie Jonest       The Great Train Robbery, Part II        (2017)

Dan Joseph       Periodicty Piece #6         (2005)

Elsa Justel      Tapage Nocturne         (2016)

Christina Karpodini      Soundscape Kitchen      (2017)

Tao Li        After, Drop      (2016)

Paula Matthusen      within the social history of saltpeter       (2017)

Devin Maxwell       BlueSnoBlues 2        (2017)

Ben Richter        Cryptobiosis (Uncanny Sines)         (2016)

Eric Glick Rieman         Carapace of Blue Uintah       (2016)

Dean Rosenthal        Ear Trainer       (1996)

Vanessa Rossetto        Whole Stories       (2014)

Marc Sabat         Swing in Sweetest Summer      (2013)

Matt Smiley      To Jory & Rosie    (2017)

Ashkan Fakhr Tabatabaie        Metamorphosis       (2017)

Theodore Teichman       O Haupt Voll       (2016)

Quentin Tolimieri      Conone all’Unisono      (2017)

Byron Westbrook       Intervals       (2016)

Michael Winter       4 Computer Music Studies      (2016)